Ada Gadomski
Ada GadomskiFantasy author

Andrew's copyediting was of the highest standard. He was also receptive to my needs as a multilingual author and someone new to the craft. It was a rewarding experience I hope to repeat soon!

Iva Babić
Iva BabićChildren's book author

I knew the text was in safe, professional hands, but the depth of Andrew’s immersion in the text and his careful judgement impressed me. The final version is certainly better than I could have imagined!

Marija RoglićResearcher, University of Montpellier

Andy not only copyedits as a job but copyedits with interest – providing useful insight on the text beyond pure correction.


Moulding your project as it takes form. Editorial insight on your work in progress.

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Developmental Editing

Sculpting and chiselling your drafted story and arguments.

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Pruning, planing, and polishing your book, so it's ready to publish.

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Check out the latest articles on editing fiction and cultural anthropology to create immersive settings and worlds that readers will love!

7 tips to level up your fiction dialogue: a trip to Planet Bloviate

This blog post on fiction dialogue covers: Basic and intermediate problems with fiction dialogue How to avoid clunky dialogue Showing vs. telling in fiction dialogue Action beats and narrative beats But before we explore the world of fiction dialogue… Meet Jamie Jamie (she/he/they) journeys around the universe of words. Words, the basic building block of …

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Is using italics for non-English words exoticising?

This post discusses: certain common situations when italics are used issues in using italics for non-English words in fiction common reasons why cultural anthropologists italicise non-English words Editing and language change One of the most exciting things about working as an editor is observing language change firsthand. Language and society are closely linked. And many …

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Business report: on the cusp of year four!

The UK tax year just ended (on 5 April). The Narrative Craft will be three years old on 1 May, so it seemed like a good time to get some insight. In this blog post, I’ll cover what clients and services I’ve dropped, how my business has changed, and what (and who) made the last …

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