Hi there! I’m Dr Andrew Hodges, the owner of the Narrative Craft, which offers professional book editing and coaching services for indie and traditionally published authors.

Before I became a book editor, I worked as a cultural anthropologist in the UK, Germany, and Croatia. I gained a PhD in social anthropology from the University of Manchester (2013), and I have a degree in the history of science from the University of Cambridge (2005).

I completed my editorial training with the EFA, CIEP, and PTC and have trained in fiction developmental editing, line-editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

My expertise is in cultural considerations when crafting stories. I am also interested in exploring how universal or culture-bound various patterns of stories are. This links to my interests in worldbuilding and fiction developmental editing.

I understand the demands of the publishing world and am passionate about worldbuilding and the craft of storytelling. I especially love giving editorial feedback in these areas.

The genres I work with most of all are fantasy, science fiction, and horror. I’m also comfortable with coming-of-age stories, social realist fiction, and books with LGBTQ+ themes. I do not edit crime fiction or mysteries.

For creative non-fiction, I cover memoir and cultural anthropology monographs.

For more on my academic publishing background, check out my ethnographic monograph and my ResearchGate and Google Scholar profiles.

I also write social science fiction and social realist fiction. Ask me about my current work in progress – a subterranean science fiction novel.

In my free time I enjoy yoga, cycling, gentle hiking, archery, geocaching and foraging in the national parks of Scotland.