About Me

Hi there! I’m Andrew Hodges.

I’m a book editor who specialises in developmental editing and line-editing.

I also offer copyediting, academic translation (German/Croatian to English), and worldbuilding consulting.

As a book editor, I cover the narrative social sciences and humanities and fiction (especially science-fiction and fantasy). Most of the time I help researchers working on book projects, journal articles, or book proposals.

From 2007–2019, I worked as a research academic in social anthropology and the history of science, technology, and medicine. Over this period, I published two monographs, co-authored a monograph published in English and German, and wrote over 20 journal articles. I’ve studied at the University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester, and worked as a researcher at Croatian and German universities and research institutions. For more about my research background and experience, check out my ResearchGate and Google Scholar profiles.

Here’s more info about my training and qualifications and about book projects I’ve worked on.

My second niche is genre fiction (science fiction and fantasy). I offer worldbuilding consulting and copyediting for authors in these genres too.

In my free time I enjoy running, cycling, gentle hiking, geocaching and foraging in the national parks of Scotland. I also like to keep up my languages and am writing a subterranean fantasy fiction novel.