Academic translation

Academic translation in the narrative social sciences

As a trained translator with a solid research background in social anthropology, I offer academic translation of texts in the narrative social sciences. I also cover the adjacent fields of museum-exhibition materials and policy reports.

I have written and published several research books and many articles, which means I am well attuned to the style and nuances present in academic writing.

If you have a project that fits my specialist areas, I’d love to hear from you. These include:

  • narrative social sciences and humanities (history, social anthropology)
  • psychotherapy (especially transactional analysis)
  • creative non-fiction and commercial fiction (SFF genres)

Selected recent projects:

My approach to academic translation

Academic texts include complex ideas; as such, a close collaboration with the author usually works best. This is because more questions are likely to arise. For this reason, I approach translation as a creative collaboration. This is how I work:

Step 1: Translating the text. I use SDL Trados 2021 to ensure terminology is accurate and to draw on my translation memory. This stage is split into three phases. First, I translate each sentence. Next, I check through each translated sentence against the original, making revisions where appropriate. Finally, I download the translated text (usually in MS Word) and have a final read through for readability.

Step 2: Sending the text to the author. The author can then make style, language, or terminology edits if necessary, and reply to any translator queries. As academic texts include complex sentences and use precise terminology, working closely with the author or journal/book editor often works best.

Step 3: Final copyediting and polishing. For a slightly higher fee, I am happy to subcontract out this phase to another academic editor if you want a fresh pair of eyes to check the document through.

What happens next?

The first thing we do when we start working together is to agree on the price. We do this after I have discussed your needs and you have sent me the text for translation. My rates start at 0.13 euros per word for German translation, and 18 euros per standard page for Croatian translation (these rates include a final round of copyediting).

I will then ask you to sign my terms and conditions and we will decide on a schedule.

New clients: I will then complete a sample of around 2000 words and send it to you for review.

We will then discuss any terminology or style needs before I complete the rest of the translation.

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