How to publish your novel

How should I publish? Indie publishing, traditional, or something else entirely? Check out Jane Friedman’s website with information about the different publishing paths. She has loads of useful tips (and books).

How much does indie publishing cost? For a list of ballpark prices for developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, book formatting etc., check out Reedsy’s price calculator.

How do I find an agent? Decided on traditional publishing and looking for an agent? Check out Rachel Rowlands’s post on Louise Harnby’s blog (the blog is full of great tips for writers).

How do I find a small publisher? Check out this amazing resource, the Indie Press Guide.

Should I expect a free sample from an editor? Check out this great discussion on Anne Gillion’s blog.

How should I approach LGBTQ+ issues in my writing? For advice on LGBTQ+ writing issues, ask Nick!