Here are a list of books you may find useful.

Brody, Jessica. Save the cat! writes a novel. Ten Speed Press.

Carriger, Gail. The heroine’s journey: For writers, readers, and fans of pop culture. Gail Carriger LLC, 2020.

Gerth, Sandra. Point of View: How to use the different POV types, avoid head-hopping, and choose the best point of view for your book. Ylva Publishing.

Gerth, Sandra. Show, don’t tell. Ylva Publishing.

Hardy, Janice. Revising your novel: First draft to finished draft. A step-by-step guide to revising your novel. Fiction University

Hardy, Janice. Understanding show, don’t tell (and really getting it). Fiction University.

Hill, Beth. The magic of fiction. Title Page Books.

Maas, Donald. The emotional craft of fiction: How to write the story beneath the surface. Writer’s Digest Books.

Presley, M.D. Worldbuilding for fantasy fans and authors.

Rasley, Alicia. The power of point of view: The no-rules guide to character viewpoint.

Rosenfeld, Jordan. Make a scene: Writing a powerful story one scene at a time. Writer’s Digest Books.