This page outlines the processes in my editing workflow.

How I work

  • For book-length projects, I first spend one hour reading parts of the text (usually the first few chapters) to get a feel for your writing.
  • I then approach the text as a reader would – this is a single-pass line edit or single-pass copyedit.
  • For some manuscripts, I offer a second read through. This will be mentioned on the invoice and in my Terms & Conditions if it applies.
  • If you want me to read through the entire manuscript before starting work, I can do that for an additional £100 (up to 100K words).

Editing workflow: the single-pass edit

  • I will ask you about any style preferences (e.g. UK/US spelling; -ise/-ize endings). I will also ask you if there is a specific style guide you would like me to follow (e.g. the Chicago Manual of Style) for all other decisions. I may run a macro (something like a miniature computer program) called DocAlyse to analyse the style preferences in your document. This will help me make other style decisions, such as the use of —em dashes— or – spaced en dashes – in your text.
  • I will then prepare your document for pre-editing. If necessary, I will make use of Word Styles, before using editing software (PerfectIt and the Editors’ Toolkit). This will ensure consistency in line with the style sheet. There are some other macros I often use here to improve my accuracy. These highlight issues that the spellchecker does not see. This includes common errors such as form/from, causal/casual.
  • The text is then ready for the main edit. I make one pass through the entire text.
  • After the main editorial pass, I run PerfectIt again to pick up any remaining inconsistencies and I may run some more macros, if necessary, to pick up on other inconsistencies (e.g. in names mentioned in the text).
  • Finally, I will send you the edited text to check through. There will likely be several author queries (questions or comments to the author), whenever a word, phrase, or sentence is unclear.
  • You may have other questions at this stage or would like me to reread a few sentences. If so, I ask you to send a copy of the manuscript with the relevant sections highlighted.
  • I ask you to reply to all the author queries and other questions/text to be read again in a single email. This is because I am usually busy and cannot respond to several emails with different questions.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!