Academic Editing

Getting a book or article published can be hard work! If you have a busy teaching timetable and other work commitments, research can take a back seat. Then there is the ‘gauntlet’ of peer review to deal with, authors to organise and correspond with, and so on…

This is where editorial help can come in.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have a draft of an article or book but feel lost and are unsure what to do next
  • You love research but don’t enjoy writing
  • You’ve been wanting to submit that article or grant application for months, but it just doesn’t feel right
  • The managing editor of a journal, or your editorial contact at a publisher, has told you to find a language editor before submitting the final version
  • You feel stuck with your book project
  • You want a second professional opinion on a project

If so, then keep reading…

My academic editing service will help you publish your book or article with confidence.

I offer two main services:

  • Manuscript assessment: if you feel stuck with a project or have an early draft and you are looking for feedback, this is the place to start.
  • Line-editing: if you feel that your project is ready to publish but needs tidying up at sentence level, then this is what you need. Not sure about how this differs from copyediting or proofreading? Then have a read here.

I have extensive experience of working with multilingual authors.

Need more info?

Here are more details about me so you can see whether I’m a good fit for your project.

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