Fiction copyediting

Are you an indie author preparing your novel or short story for publication?

If you plan to publish independently, getting your novel professionally edited will help ensure you publish with confidence.

However, if you plan to submit your manuscript to a traditional publisher, this step isn’t necessary (unless you are a multilingual author, in which case, it might be).

I edit in the genres I read widely, which are:

  • fantasy
  • science fiction
  • coming-of-age/Bildungsroman novels
  • travel fiction
  • social fiction

I offer fixed-rate pricing per 1000 words (subject to seeing your manuscript). My quote will be slightly higher or lower depending on the level of intervention required.


My copyediting service for indie authors includes comments on issues that emerge at sentence level.

Examples include: issues with point of view (e.g. viewpoint drops, head-hopping), awkward transitions, the realism and rhythm of dialogue, authorial style, and voice. As you can see, there is more to copyediting than correcting typos and applying editorial style, although as a trained copyeditor and proofreader I do this as well!

If you need help with big-picture issues across the manuscript, e.g. plot/story, narrative viewpoint, and style etc., then you should seek the services of a developmental editor.

The final product will be of publishable quality with professional printing presses.


  • two editorial passes (a main edit and a second read through) OR
  • one editorial pass (a main edit)


  • comment on awkward transitions, lapses in style etc.
  • comment on any style or structural issues at paragraph level
  • provide feedback on use of conscious and inclusive language
  • make stylistic refinements
  • work to present your story as best as possible
  • check grammar and technical aspects of language
  • ensure the document formatting is consistent
  • produce a style sheet
  • apply any style guide you require


Two editorial passes: £17–£19 per 1000 words / £25–£27 per 1000 words for multilingual authors

One editorial pass: £14–£16 per 1000 words / £20–£22 per 1000 words for multilingual authors