Fiction Editing

Have you just finished your book draft? Looking to publish independently?

I am a science-fiction & fantasy editor providing line-/copyediting services to indie authors.

Do you…

  • need help with worldbuilding?
  • want to ensure your world is sensitively presented?
  • need to fine-tune your manuscript before publishing?
  • want to get to grips with the social and cultural aspects of your manuscript?

Then why not work with an editor well-versed in all these issues. As a former social anthropologist, I will draw on a wealth of knowledge about cultural practices and social organisation when I read your text. In brief, my job was to imagine, and creatively engage with, different ways of organising society. This knowledge will bring a unique perspective to your book.

Also, if you need to consult with a specialist on issues related to the cultural and social issues that arise during the creative worldbuilding process, feel free to get in touch.

At present, I offer a limited number of 1,000 word free samples to indie authors.