Manuscript assessment


If you are looking for a detailed report assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, this is the service you need. I offer this service for books, journal articles, book proposals, and grant applications.

The analysis will comment on ‘big-picture issues’ that touch on most or all of the following areas:

  • content
  • problems
  • structure, cohesion, and organisation
  • arguments, premises, and theoretical frameworks
  • mid-level concepts
  • audiences and readership
  • timeline and pacing

At the end of the report you will receive a list of specific recommendations on how to revise and reorganise your project.

I work only in genres for which I have extensive experience as both an editor and academic writer or applicant.

For book projects, you can expect the report to be 8–15 pages long. For journal articles and other shorter documents (under 10,000 words), the report is usually around three pages long.

I charge £100 (base) + £12 per 1000 words for this service.

A 6,000 word journal article would be £172, while a 70,000 word book would be £940


Upon receiving the manuscript assessment, if you want me to implement the developmental changes myself, I am happy to do this. However, I will not do any ‘hands on’ developmental editing without having first completed a manuscript assessment. This task typically entails:

  • marking sections for deletion
  • writing notes asking you to insert/write more content
  • moving sections around
  • deciding on how to reorganise chapters
  • writing transition sentences at the end or start of sections
  • writing working titles for the various sections
  • making the occasional tweak at sentence level

I charge an hourly rate (typically £35–£40) for this service as every project is different.